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God’s not Dead (2014)

I am a Christian. I love being a follower of Jesus Christ. No one will ever convince me of anything else. That being said, I was really REALLY hoping to love the movie “God’s Not Dead”, and I must admit I was a bit disappointed.

I realize most christian films will not have the money backing they deserve (the same could be said for Christian music), but the point of the film is the message. In this case, it is that, well, God is not dead. I am 100% in agreement with the films heart and message. It is how we got there that I have flaws.

The acting is good, especially from Shane Harper as Josh, the college freshman who is challenged to defend his faith in a Philosophy class taught by a huge athiest (Kevin Sebo). THAT is what I wanted to see more of, but the movie decides to tell many other interlocking stories that don’t seem to connect at first. Even when we see how the characters are connected, it seems poorly put together.

Again, I was moved by each of the stories, but their are far too many. I wish they just stayed with the main story: proving God is alive. That is no easy feet in this day and age (I know I would not do well at it, but I would still try).

Parents, any child can see this film.

I believe christian themed movies can do well (Facing the Giants, Fireproof, etc), and while they do not always do masterpiece worthy filmmaking, the messages are the main point. I feel the movie “God’s Not Dead” had tried to do too much at once, and it suffered for it. Still, I was texting my contacts “God’s Not Dead” at the end of the film.


Overall: 3 Stars ***

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