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WALL-E (2008)

With all due respect to “Toy Story”, “Monster’s Inc.”, “Ratatouille”, and “Finding Nemo”, my pick for the best Disney/Pixar flick is “WALL-E”. It is one of the few of their movies that have made me cry (the others being “Up” and “Toy Story 3”), but it is the only one that made me cry for happiness at the end. It is truly one of the best love stories in cinema.

The film is very Chaplin-like in the story between WALL-E and Eve. It reminds me a lot of “City Lights”. Both are stories of the male being an “outcast”, only wanting to find true love. Once the female enters, the rest is up to poetic movie making. “WALL-E” is already over half a decade old (!) but still gets me smiling a lot as well as laughing out loud.

The thing that makes me feel the most love for the film is the main character himself (not itself, I said HIMSELF). WALL-E is what I was at the time the movie came out, a helpless romantic, not easy to understand. This movie was proof about the following: good animated movies work great with kids, great animated movies are for all ages, but those that are masterpieces give hope to all ages.


Parents, any kid can see this, be they ages 2, 14, or 88. It is one of my top favorite animated movies ever made.


Overall: 5 Stars *****

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