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Nightcrawler (2014)

My dad always wanted to see movies at the theaters with no previous knowledge of the film. He did not want to know the plot, the stars, even the title of what he was seeing. He just wanted to know what theater and what time (as someone who talked a lot about movies, this must have been a struggle for both of us).

This is how I saw “Nightcrawler”, only knowing that it starred Jake Gyllenhaal. Here is more proof that he is one of the most underrated actors working today. Here he plays Louis Bloom, a near sociopath who is obessed with making it into night time news. One look into his eyes and you are hoping he has sunglasses: His eyes are beyond creepy.

As I continued watching, I felt the character had Asperger’s (borderline Autism). The way he talks (Gyllenhaal’s voice is different here), his random smiles, his insane knowledge. It is possibly the best work Gyllenhall has done so far. The movie is wise in not giving him much of a backstory (except that he did not pass out of College). He gets help from a veteran news woman (Rene Russo), his compition on the streets (Bill Paxton), he goes beyond what is not ethical to get what he wants.

Parents: There is swearing, and heavy violence, but that is it (no sexual stuff except for some dialogue). The movie is very unique in that it is about something we have not seen much of before. That alone is worth seeing, as well as the great performance by Jake Gyllenhaal.

Overall: 4 Stars ****

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