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Reactions to the Oscar nominations….

A few thoughts on the Oscar Nominations:

  • Happy to see I have already seen seven of the eight best picture nominees (American Sniper review to come soon)
  • Nice to know there is some love for “Whiplash” besides J.K. Simmons (who is now on his way to being a lock for a win)
  • Bradley Cooper is nominated for an Oscar three years in a row: much love for him (sadly the same can not be said for David Oyelowo and Jake Gyllenhaal).
  • A little shocked by the snub of Jennifer Anniston.
  • Best Supporting catagories only real shock is Laura Dern (“Wild”), nothing else.
  • While I am very happy that Wes Anderson finally has an Oscar Nomination, I am upset that “Selma”s Ava DuVernay did not get one).
  • “Life itself” is snubbed out of Best Documentary? Lame.
  • OF ALL THE SNUBS, HOW THE HECK IS THE LEGO MOVIE NOT UP FOR BEST ANIMATED FILM?!?!?!?! (My only conclusion is that part of it is not animated.) Still, its theme song is nominated.
  • Film Editing (the hidden factor of best picture) snubbed out Birdman for reasons unknown.
  • Two of my favorite songs of the year are nominated: “Glory” from “Selma” and “Lost Stars” from “Begin Again”.

Oscar predictions to come soon…

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