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Locke (2014)

I need to tread lightly: This is a hard movie to talk about. It is not that it is a hard movie to watch, but a horribly hard movie to sell.

I will do what I can. The movie is about Ivan Locke (Tom Hardy, one of the most underrated actors today), a worker in construction who is having a life crisis. Seems simple enough, but I don’t want to mention more as you deserve to see this with as little knowledge as possible. What I will say is that is too short, because I wanted more.

The movie takes place entirely inside a car, and revolves around Locke making phone calls. I know what you are thinking, and I can say the following: it is anything BUT boring. It makes me want to look at how I look when I have conversations on the phone. Hardy does as good as any actor in the Best Actor Category this year. It is all shown in his face, mainly his eyes.

Parents, the movie is rated R for language, and nothing more. Any high schooler under 17 is fine with this (at least those who are willing to see it). I saw this after I made my top ten list of 2014, and while it would not be number one, it would seriously be on the list. It is quiet ground breaking.

Overall: 4 Stars ****

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