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Good Morning, Vietnam (1987)

Many people in my life have said I look like certain celebrities, but I always felt at my best when people said Robin Williams. It took me a while to find out that he was a source of comedy for me. His passing was one of the hardest celebrity deaths I had to deal with.

Finally seeing “Good Morning, Vietnam” was a refresher for me. All the other actors are great (Bruno Kirby, J.T. Walsh, a young Forest Whitaker), but Williams is the main reason for seeing the movie. He stars as a Radio DJ named Adrian Cronauer during the Vietnam War, who is loved by the audience but not so much those in charge. He is also one who makes friends with the local people, and even begins teaching a class (saying “I only have two months to live”). This is one of the late comic’s best performances.

Parents, the R rating is mainly for language (some of a sexual nature), and some nudity (only of the local children, show briefly). This movie is not only funny, but even shows us the beginnings of Robin Williams as a serious actor.

There is a scene where Garlick (Whitaker) is trying to bring Adrian out of his funk. He does this the best way possible: As they are waiting for traffic, he introduces the DJ to the trucks of soldiers next to them. As soon as the Williams character realizes he is loved by many, he is on a role. Part of me was thinking we may still have Robin Williams with us if someone had let him do that himself. He was loved by everyone.

Overall: 4 1/2 Stars **** 1/2

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