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Before Sunrise (1995)

It is hard to approach this movie with a fresh mind, especially since I know it is part one of a trilogy (by director Richard Linklater) that started twenty years ago. Still, after seeing the great “Boyhood”, a friend mentioned I had to see the “Before” Trilogy. He was more than right.

The movie follows a meeting of Jesse (Ethan Hawke) and Celine (Julie Delphy). They start off right away with some of the best conversation a movie has ever had. They only have one day/night together, and intend to spend the rest of that time together.

Really, that is all I want to say about the plot, because the movie is so much deeper than that. You would think their relationship is that of a summer romance, or even a one night stand. It is not (there is a time where Celine says she does not wish to sleep with Jesse, and I was going “Yes!”). The movie dialogue here is so real it reminded me of other films like “My Dinner with Andre”. Both films have a feeling of real life, and it is like watching a documentary (it also helps that both actors have uncanny chemistry).

Parents, there are some talks about sex, and a good amount of swearing (not a lot, but enough for the R rating). Still, High School and above should be fine with this.

I was maybe 11-12 minutes in when I realized I was watching a masterpiece, one of the best romantic movies I ever seen. I would type more, but now I am moving on to the second film. That should be proof that the characters are so relatable, and ones I care about as if they were my friends.

Overall: 5 Stars *****

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