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Cabaret (1972)

I spent some time staying away from  “Cabaret”. I was always told it was the movie that stole many Oscars from “The Godfather”. Well, it is not “The Godfather”, but “Cabaret” is still nice entertainment.

The main reason for this is Liza Minnelli. Her Sally Bowles is one for the ages. It is one thing being the child of a movie star (especially if it is Judy Garland). It is quiet another to be talented enough to make a name for yourself and separate yourself from you parents. She plays Sally as if she were a wind up monkey, and never stops entertaining.

There are others who are great here, including Michael York as one of her lovers (and few friends) and, of course, the MC Joel Grey (who, like Minnelli, won an Oscar). I found it a little weird that all we see of him is performances. We don’t even know much about him back stage.

The movie, wonderfully directed by Bob Fosse, does seem a bit jumbled at times. I found myself waiting more for the musical numbers, expecting more (all of which were done to uncanny direction).

Parents, it is not really that great a movie for kids. Despite a lack of swearing, there is a lot of references to sex. I would say ages 14 and up.

Overall: 3 1/2 Stars *** 1/2

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