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Life of Pi (2012)

Legendary film critic Pauline Kael was known to hardly ever seeing a film more than once. I can’t see how she could. While some movies may not need to be watched more than once (rather good or bad), I feel most movies can be enjoyed multiple times. Movies also tend to need to be watched more than once if you wish to gain an appreciation for them. One of those movies is Life of Pi.

Based off the best seller about a young man (Suraj Sharma) surviving with a tiger at sea, this film is beyond magical. It has images that stick with you for years afterwards. The movie truly shows how moving a set of moving pictures in a dark theater can be. This movie is one of the very rare times when I wish I saw the film in 3D. One of the main reasons this film works is its director, Ang Lee (Brokeback Mountain, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon). His movies always have elements of authenticity and struggle.

Parents, there is some thematic elements (Pi loses some of those close to him) and there is some violence, but nothing horrible. The only swearing is at the beginning (with Pi’s full name being explained humorously). The movie gets its PG rating right. Any kid who is able to see and understand a movie will be fine (definitely 10 and up). I would go so far as to say you owe it to your kids to show them this movie.

Overall: 4 1/2 Stars ****1/2

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