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The Brave Little Toaster (1987)

I am going out on a limb here, but when I was watching The Brave Little Toaster, I thought a lot about Citizen Kane.

That is not to say that TBLT is in the same league as Kane (very few films are), but they both deal with the subject of Nostalgia. A college kid comes to his old log cabin that he visited every summer as a kid to collect items he can use in his dorm. The movie is not about him, but about the items that have already left the house to find him. There is the toaster, the leader and most ethical (even though the gender is not specified, I still believe the toaster is a boy, despite being voiced by a female.) There is the lamp, who is really the least characteristic of the bunch, but still manages to be a smarty pants and have a heart (especially during a storm). The blanket, who is like Piglet of Winnie the Pooh but much more baby like. Kirby (the vacuum) is the grumpy one, but still manages to soften. Finally (my favorite as a kid) the radio, voiced wonderfully by Jon Lovitz.

The movie was a staple in my childhood, so I was a little nervous watching it again (some movies of our childhoods, sadly, aren’t as great as we remember). Luckily, The Brave Little Toaster is still great (even if the music and animation are both very 80s). There are also some scary moments (the Toaster’s dream is beyond horrifying to any child, especially if they hate clowns). Parents, any kid can watch this film, but you may want to be around them for the scary parts. Still, the movie has good laugh out loud moments and songs for kids and adults (including some hidden jokes for the adults).

And now a nostalgic memory. A little boy, maybe six, sees this film. He then goes around the house for a toaster, vacuum, radio, lamp, and blanket and gathers them together. Then he let his imagination run wild.

Overall: Four Stars ****

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