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Waiting for ‘Superman’ (2010)

My family is made up of teachers. High School, Middle School, Elementary, Special Ed, and (in my case) Sunday School. I was maybe 6 when I would always ask my dad about his day at work. I would hear about the good kids and (my favorite) the bad kids. As I grew older, I realized how hard teachers really have it.

In the documentary Waiting for ‘Superman’, we get another reminder of what we already know: we need to work hard on our education system in this country. The movie offers some suggestions, but does not place the blame (entirely) on one source. One of the main sources is Geoffrey Canada, and intervening with kids from the get go (a lady is show passing out flyers to baby college). The results have been positive.

There are moments that may catch you off guard. The main one for me is when a student is unable to attend her elementary school graduation because her (single) mother could not finish paying tuition.  She did not even get a report card. How these students get into a better school is mindboggling: they do so by lottery. At the end of the film, we see which kids get in, and which don’t.

Kids, at this point in the review, I would tell your parents if I think you should see the movie or not. This time, I want you to go to your parents and tell them to see this movie. Tell your teachers as well.

Overall: Four Stars ****

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