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My Dinner with Andre (1981)

Wallace Shawn and Andre Gregory

Wallace Shawn and Andre Gregory

It is going to be very difficult I feel to try and sell this flick. The movie My Dinner with Andre is truly a one of a kind masterpiece unlike any other, but it is also a true piece of art that makes the audience member think.

The movie stars Wallace Shawn (yes, the loud mouth from The Princess Bride) as Wally, a New York playwright who goes to dinner with an old friend named Andre (Andre Gregory). It would seem they are playing themselves, although both have said the contrary. Never the less, the movie is their entire dinner conversation. That is it.

Or maybe not. It is quite the conversation. Most of the talking is done by Andre, while Wally just listens. Although the movie was before my time (it came out a few years before I was born), the way that each of these two talk and listen to each other makes the movie anything but boring. I found myself hoping against hope that they would be ordering desert, so I could listen to more.

Parents, while there is nothing wrong in this movie (aside from an occasional swear, and talking about sex that does not go far at all), I doubt any kid would find this movie interesting. By High School (or College, for sure), it is one that will begin to be enticing for the viewer.

I have only seen the movie twice (as of this review), but I can saw with certainty it is a masterpiece, and one that will require many views in the years to come. Kind of like meeting an old friend after a few years of absence.

Overall: 5 Stars *****

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