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San Andreas (2015)

Dwayne Johnson is the one unbreakable "rock" in "San Andreas".

Dwayne Johnson is the one unbreakable “rock” in “San Andreas”.

Poor San Francisco.

Just one year after Godzilla destroyed you (well, not on purpose), you are now vulnerable to an earthquake in San Andreas. I for one think San Francisco deserves a romantic comedy or drama now.

San Andreas stars Dwayne Johnson (you know, “The Rock”) as Ray, a search and rescue pilot. He is getting over the loss of one of his daughters, and is in the process of divorcing his wife Emma (Carla Gugino). She is moving in with a “seemingly” nice guy named Daniel Riddick (Ioan Gruffudd). Riddick is taking Ray’s other daughter, Blake (Alexandra Daddario) to college. Meanwhile, a Geology professor (the always good Paul Giamatti) has discovered a way to finally detect earthquakes before they happen. Sadly, he discovers this just as the earthquake that will “be felt on the east coast” begins.

I am not one who approves of talking much in movies, but sometimes, when a movie is so predictable, I can’t help myself. For example, just before the earthquake hits, Blake will meet Ben (Hugo Johnstone-Burt), a one in a million guy who you would be a fool to think they won’t eventually fall for each other. He is traveling to San Francisco with his little brother Ollie (a good scene stealing young actor named Art Parkinson) from England.

The special effects are kind of cool to look at, but nothing we have not seen in other disaster movies. There were times I was thinking this movie should have almost been made on the Syfy station on TV (and you are talking here to a fan of Sharknado, people).

One of the things that disappointed me the most was Dwayne Johnson. He truly is a good, overlooked actor. Audiences (myself included) love to see him lay the smackdown (yeah, I watch wrestling from time to time), but, now, in his forties, we can start to maybe see him getting a little deeper with his characters.

Parents, there is some swearing and (obvious) violence, but no real sexual content (despite some cleavage). I would say middle school and above would be fine seeing it. Keep in mind, there are better movies out there. San Andreas is not a terrible film, but a forgettable one.

A while ago, I saw an old movie from the 1930s called San Francisco that was based on an actual earthquake (with Clark Gable and Spencer Tracy). Now I have seen San Andreas. Wow, have times changed.

Overall: Two Stars **

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