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Carol (2015)


Rooney Mara and Cate Blanchett in “Carol”


Cate Blanchett is truly one of our best actresses alive (I would even go so far as to put her second only behind Streep). She is versatile (see her performance in Cinderella), she is beautiful, and she has a old school, golden age Hollywood Aura around her unlike any other working actress (even Streep).

As the title character in Carol, she gives another performance that is superb. She is fallen for by a young store clerk named Therese (Rooney Mara, also very good here). We learn that Carol has had one affair before hand with her childhood friend Abby (Sarah Paulson). This is known to her husband Harge (Kyle Chandler), and when he meets Therese, he begins to get suspicious again.

Based on the novel by Patricia Highsmith (entitled “The Prince of Salt”), the film is directed by Todd Haynes with the proper quality and care. We feel for each character, their troubles, needs, wants, and desires.

Parents, the film deserves its R rating, as there is one scene where nudity is shown in a mild sex scene. Aside from that, no real heavy swearing or violence.

Overall: Four Stars ****


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