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The 7 Deadly movie sins of 2015 (or, the seven worst of the year) (2015)

2015 Worst

How I felt during these movies….

Ok, seeing these movies are not actually a sin. Still, these are seven films (I am not yet a professional film critic, so I do not need to see all the bad ones. This means I did not make it to ten this year, which is a good thing) that I would consider the most disapointing of the year. (If you don’t see any on here, it is because I wisely avoided it. Take that Fantastic Four!)



Paul Rudd discovers his future in “Ant-Man”

Ant-Man is a forgettable marvel movie, even with decent special effects. Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas do ok work, but the script is not up to par, and it has one of the worst villains in recent comic book movie history.

6. Home

Home was a family film, but was not for everyone in the family. It was just meh.


San Andreas

Dwayne Johnson is the one unbreakable “rock” in “San Andreas”.

Dwayne Johnson can do very good acting. Too bad he does not take very good scripts, like the made for syfy film San Andreas.



Disney's TOMORROWLAND..Casey (Britt Robertson) ..Ph: Film Frame..?Disney 2015

Casey, played by Britt Robertson, visits Tomorrowland

I agree with the films message, but wouldn’t you want a film like Tomorrowland to take place in…..Tomorrowland?



Terminator Genisys

He said he would be back.

Terminator Genisys does not only fail to live up to the first two, but it suggests that those two did not even happen? That is not cool.


2. Chappie.jpg

Chappie was something I thought could go well (it was made by the director of the great film District 9). The result? Change the H to an R in the title.




    EXCLUSIVE TO USA TODAY FOR FIRST USE Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis in a scene from the motion picture “Jupiter Ascending.” CREDIT: Murray Close, Warner Bros. Pictures [Via MerlinFTP Drop]

    When I got Jupiter Ascending from the library (like I would pay for it), I put it in, and tried to pay attention. I was on my ipad the rest of the movie. I forgot the game I was playing, but I am pretty confident it had a better storyline.

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