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Alan Rickman: 1946-2016


I normally don’t post on passings of celebrities, but after hearing about the passing of actor Alan Rickman at 69, I felt obligated to do so.

The first film I remember seeing him in was Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. My first reaction as a kid was “This dude is bad. Like really really bad.” Now that I think of it, it was the first time I knew what it was to witness a villian that you love to hate.

As I grew older, I saw him in what is probably his best role as Hans Gruber in Die Hard, possible the best known terrorist in Cinema History. He was an actor who was so good at playing a villian that it seemed almost second nature to him.

When I first knew of the cast of the Harry Potter films, I was most happy when I found out he was in it. I did not know much of Severus Snape, but I knew Rickman was playing him, and it would be memorable. He was author J.K. Rowling’s personal pick for the role (she even gave Rickman information about the character before the final book’s release), and I still think it is the best casting choice of the whole series.

Through the years, I realized he was a class act, and one of the most well known and respected British thespians alive.

Had I a magic wand, I would be raising it in respect.

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