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Let Me In (2010)


Chloe Grace-Moretz and Kodi Smit-Mcphee form one heck of a connection.

I never got around to seeing any of the Twilight films (and don’t plan on it anytime soon), but I doubt it is as impactful as Let Me In.

The key success, I feel, is definetly in the performances by Kodi Smit-McPhee and Chloe Grace Moretz. Nowadays, they are still acting (I feel Moretz is more well known). They have a chemistry that words won’t give any justice to. Even all these years later, their careers are far from over.

Smit-McPhee is Owen, a troubled shy 12 year old who lives with his (recently divorced) mom. He is bullied at school, but he is still a good mannered kid. One day, Abby (Moretz) moves in next store with who seems to be her father (Richard Jenkins). She is also a normal girl, despite being a vampire.

The movie (based off the 2008 film from Sweden, Let the Right One in), is meant to be seen as a horror flick. It is more than that. Of course, there is a lot of blood, but the best scenes lie mainly in the moments with just Owen and Abby. It plays as a coming of age story, a romance (I am a sap for puppy love), and thriller.

Parents, the R rating is justified, as there is a lot of violence (there is also partial nudity when Owen is looking through his telescope at a neighbor, but it is very brief). High School and above.

As noted before, it is based off of a movie from Sweden called Let the Right One in. As of this writing, I have not seen it. A friend of mine said it is more superior than Let Me In. Since Let Me In is a delightful treat, I will probably have in store for me a smorgasbord when I see the original.


Overall: Four Stars ****

One response to “Let Me In (2010)

  1. Dan O.

    Nice review. It’s a better remake than I expected it to be.


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