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A Ghost Story (2017)

A Ghost Story

A Ghost Story‘s Ghost (Casey Affleck)

Undoubtably, A Ghost Story is not a movie for everyone. If you are the type of person who just likes to watch a movie for entertainment and nothing more, this movie is likely to fly over your head. If you think movies are able to give you a chance to meditate on life, then this movie is pure poetry.


Director David Lowery tells a story that is vastly simple: a man (Casey Affleck) dies in a car crash. After being identified by his wife (Rooney Mara), he returns as a ghost, and spends time at the house where his wife is recovering from his loss.


That is it. Seriously, that is it to the story. It is far from all that is left in the movie. Even at a run time just under an hour and a half, this film (which has very little dialogue) is far from boring. You would not be blamed from thinking it is, even with scenes such as the woman spending about five minutes (in one shot) stress eating a pie. Oddly, it was this scene (about twenty minutes in) that got me realizing I was watching something unlike I ever have before.


Parents, the movie is rated R, mainly for the scene of the crash and swearing (I seriously only remember one F bomb). I would say middle age and up (if you have kids that would enjoy films like this).


A Ghost Story goes way beyond narrative, in the shadow of other miraculous films like The Tree of Life (2011), Fantasia (1940), and 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968). A Ghost Story is not one you can understand in one viewing. However, after the first viewing, it haunted me (in a good way), making me like it more and more. When I went to rent it again, I ended up just buying it.


It is a film I will have to reflect on more and more as I grow old.


Overall: Five Stars *****

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